Jennifer M. Sandoval, Ph.D.
Licensed Clinical Psychologist

Two office locations: 
520 S Grand Ave, Suite 671 Los Angeles CA 90071
305 N Harbor Blvd, Suite 317 Fullerton, CA 92832
657-217-1141 (call or text)


The End of Meaning and the Birth of Man (Wolfgang Giegerich)

Betrayal (James Hillman)

Chicken or Egg? (J. M. Sandoval)

Feminine Face of Love (J. M. Sandoval)

The Psychotic Side of the Personality (J. M. Sandoval)

The Coeur de Lion and the Anima Mundi (J. M. Sandoval)

Giegerich for Beginners (J. M. Sandoval)

For the Sake of Soul (J. M. Sandoval)

The Psychology of Forgiveness - The sin which is not a sin (J. M. Sandoval)

The Impossible Promise of Psychotherapy (J. M. Sandoval)

Recommended Books:

Memories, Dreams, Reflections (C.G. Jung)

Man and His Symbols (C.G. Jung, ed.)

Two Essays on Analytical Psychology (C.G. Jung)

The Symbolic Quest (Edward C. Whitmont)

Civilization and Its Discontents (Sigmund Freud)

Interpretation of Dreams (Sigmund Freud)

Freud and Man's Soul (Bruno Bettelheim)

Projection and Re-collection in Jungian Psychology (Marie-Louise von Franz)

Anatomy of the Psyche (E. F. Edinger)

Re-visioning Psychology (James Hillman)

A Blue Fire (James Hillman)

The Thought of the Heart and the Soul of the World (James Hillman)

The Soul's Logical Life (Wolfgang Giegerich)

The Neurosis of Psychology (Wolfgang Giegerich)

Dialectics & Analytical Psychology (Giegerich, Mogenson & Miller)

What is Soul? (Wolfgang Giegerich)

Neurosis (Wolfgang Giegerich)

Less Than Nothing (Slavoj Zizek)

Psychoanalytic Diagnosis (Nancy McWilliams)

Psychology as the Discipline of Interiority: 'The Psychological Difference' in the Work of Wolfgang Giegerich (J. M. Sandoval & J. C. Knapp, eds)